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DANNYCO Krest Goldilocks Tail Comb

8.5 In. Krest Goldilocks 5 Heat Resistant Rattail Combs. Sectioning Combs 1 Dz.

• Manufactured exclusively from Dupont Delrin acetal polymer a 100% professional graded thermal material. Made in the USA.
• Dupont Delrin withstands the extreme heats of blow drying, is virtually static free for no hair-raising combing.
• Goldilocks rat tail combs are virtually chemically inert and will not absorb sterilizing solutions, perms, conditioners, shampoos, oils, water, etc. Also can be wet or dry sterilized.
• Burgundy color these combs are ultra glossy, smooth-as-silk surface, glides with flow-through combing, never dragging or tangling. they are also great for partition hair.
Krest goldilock 5 perfectly blends strength and flexibility to be absolutely guaranteed. Standard barber combs also great for hair cuts at home. Dupont Delrin the best alternative to plastic.

Strong for combing and sectioning your hair. while other combs made out hard rubber. Molecules tighten to prolong, they only get better with time.

Hight heat resistant, now you have a hair comb that can be used in many situations including while you style with a hair dryer, hot iron or a hot hair brush.

Krest Goldilocks thermal professional hair combs made of Dupont Delrin material. Make the switch form hard rubber Dupont Delrin.